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President s speech on the occasion of liberation

Published Date : 11/12/2018
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Edited By : University of Babylon

In the name of Allah, The All Merciful, The Ever Merciful


((Allah only made it to be glad tidings and so that your hearts may be satisfied; victory comes only from Allah; He is All-Almighty, All-Wise))

After years of battles fought for the sake of the liberation of Iraqi people in all sects and ages, against a savage enemy that wanted destruction and decay of human values and civilization, Iraqis demonstrated again, throughout history, they are the people who will not succumb; rather, those challenges will definitely deepen the strength and determination of theirs to be looking forward to peace and life.

Babylon University ever since the liberation has launched was at the front curtain with security forces to proudly present martyrs and casualties. It was precedent in introducing logistic aid all over Iraq starting with ‘Jurf-el-Sakher’ until the western region. It also embraced the evacuated students, and offered medical and material assistance to hospitals and families of the martyrs and the wounded. It opened boxes of charity and led blood donation campaigns; set up local and international seminars and conferences; organized literary festivals, art exhibitions, events and activities as well as scientific and intellectual contributions along with marches in solidarity with the heroic troops. The university had an obvious impact in introducing researches, scientific and legal studies, technical courses which nourished and enhanced the national, strategic and security awareness of battles. It was the core entity that supported and hosted -inside and outside the campus- all security forces and popular immobilization forces apart from other events whereby it gained thanks and appreciation.

Mercy and paradise to the righteous martyrs; glory and recovery to the wounded, and disgrace for the enemies of humanity, peace and Allah.

Iraq will, God willing, live unified forever, keeping the great victory, and let us hope and work for the victory associated with reconstruction and reform battles and coexistence.