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President of the University of Babylon discusses ways of joint scientific cooperation with the Malaysian Technical University

Published Date : 03/12/2017
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As part of fulfilling the singed Mou between the University of Babylon and the Malaysian University discussed the joint scientific cooperation with the Malaysian University of Technology during a meeting with the President of the University Dr. Adel Hadi Al-Baghdadi, a delegation from the University, the meeting discussed the mechanisms of scientific cooperation between the two parties and the conclusion of agreements concerning academic and student exchanges, preparing joint scientific research, supporting research, holding conferences, seminars and scientific exchange between the two parties


Moreover this cooperation with the Malaysian University in all scientific fields  
The president of university sheds light on the success to score a very distinctive level in ranking international in addition the researches which is published in Global search engines , support to the researchers , the fruitful agreement in the twinning program with the British university and the university of Babylon have obtained the program of the right privilege