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German media are interested in the scientific cooperation agreement between the University of Babylon and University of Leipzig

Published Date : 20/11/2017
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Edited By : University of Babylon

Germaine Media shows express great interest to visit that have been headed by the present of University of Babylon Dr. Adel Al –Baghdadi to Germany University of Leibzig to sign an agreement for scientific purpose , regarding this German journal called (NEWS GEORG ST) has addressed its sixth page by an image of Iraqi flag with companies by an image to Iraqi delegate

 This Agreement including training of the first top ten of the sixth stage students of the college medicine as well as fourth stage of Nursing College in education Hospital of San Yurok in Germany and this agreement has been extended to include the postgraduate students to enable them to have one year training in the same hospital


Moreover it will include Established of Seminars and workshops ,this agreement consist of the items like ; providing college of Medicine by special equipment and send the tope student to work in the German hospital

This fruitful agreement has score its goal successfully ending with handing symbolic gifts to each other