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Teaching at the Faculty of Materials Engineering chairs an international conference in medical chemistry

Published Date : 02/11/2017
No. of Viewers : 1922
Edited By : University of Babylon

Dr. jalil Al- Khafaji is one of academic staff in college of material Engineering , He participated in the second international conference of Medical Chemistry organized by American Conference Series institution in Dubai and awarded him six certificates on behalf of the university of Babylon


The researcher discussed in his first research the adoption of juice of the beet as substance attacking the cancer cells , as well as rely on the juice of beet as substance that reduces the critical viscosity of pl- diuresie

The conference discussed different scientific researches from researchers from different countries of the world such as America, Australia, Singapore , Pakistan as well as two member from the university of Kirkuk and Tikrit . This institution has been awarded certificates of appreciation to researchers participating in the conference characterized logo of the university of Babylon and its electronic signature