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College of Science announces the inclusion of outstanding students in the Department of Chemistry in the twinning program at the University Leicester

Published Date : 11/09/2017
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As  part of  fulfilling the a singed  Mou between university of Babylon and Leicester University ; College of Science l Chemistry Department has declared that it will send the distinguish and outstanding students to Leicester University  to be in partnership  programs as well as student from physic  and biology department  probably they will be followed by post graduate student .

The a singed Mou focuses on important points which are bring  great  utility to Iraqi institution  such as Criminal Evidence that  it has great deal  with unveil  mysterious  facts in order to Achieving  Justice  into Iraqi society .

This Mou consist  of some  significant aspects to improve education in the university  such as focusing  on medical college and methodology  of studying from the other side Ministry of Higher Education  and Scientific   Researches praised  and  encourage all the attempts  to  increase partnership  programs to get us of it .   

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