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The college of Information Technology prepared a study on the generation of an encryption algorithm depends on Arrays Pauli

Published Date : 29/08/2017
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The college of  Information Technology  prepared  a study  on the generation  of an  encryption  algorithm  depends on  Arrays   Pauli    presented by Dr. Al  Hareth  Abdul Karim  Adulla .The World 
Conference on  Computer   and  Information  Network s , which  is held  in  University of Indonesia. 
The study examined the use of  Paoli  Arrays  to generate  Encryption Algorithm. 

 One of the most attractive characteristics of this algorithm is that it is possible to change the algorithm s work periodically. 
The work of the algorithm is done using  non – traditional  quantitative information  and this is very important in the science of modern 
information security in order to hide information more safely.