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University of Babylon expanding the agreement of scientific cooperation between the University of Leipzig Germany

Published Date : 29/08/2017
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A delegation from the German University of Leipzig  visited the university s  educational hospital ,  Scientific Assistant for Scientific Affairs  Dr. Qahtan  Hadi  Hussein Al- Jubouri  ;  said that  the symposium was attended by the President of the University  Dr. Adel Hadi  AL- Baghdadi  , Dean of Faculty of  Medicine Dr. Mushtaq  Witwit and  a number of faculty members.

This visit aims to achieve joint  scientific  cooperation between  both universities for the purpose of sending new groups of student for training , The  training program  includes training on clinical service of the  German hospital as well as  access to  medical services.

The University of Babylon is one of  the  Iraqi universities that  have  distinguished in this  field  by sending  the students for training in international  universities .