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Dr. Amin Ajil al- Yasiri , Dean of the faculty of Nursing presented a study on the geriatric center

Published Date : 27/08/2017
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 Dr. Amin  Ajil al- Yasiri , Dean of the  faculty of Nursing  presented a study on the  geriatric center , published in Babel Medial Journal 
This established is only place which provide the home – like    place to those who don’t have ‘Accommodation and care’ to this social 
class in society
 The aim of the study is to know  the needs of the elderly ,has held a study in the kingdom of Jordan Hashemite 
through a study on  elderly for both sexes

The study found that a number of them are divorced , as well as those who have families that support them and others fell lonely ,as 
well as social  factors that lead to psychological diseases for the elderly