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Babylon University receives the ambassador of European Union

Published Date : 20/12/2016
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Babylon University receives the ambassador of European Union, Mr. Patrick Samonet,  in Iraq. Governor of Babylon city along with the vice chancellor of scientific affairs professor Kahtan Aljubory and other received the ambassador. 

Professor Albaghdady says that the university is facing a problem during to the latest events in the north of Iraq. The university receives Emigrant students which causes problems in the number of students admitted in the university. The chancellor also says that the university grants fellowships for European colleges especially for students who wants to study Oriental Studies.                  

 Chancellor of the university of Babylon professor Adil Albaghday says that the university of Babylon is an extension for the long, world famous history of Babylon. The university today witnesses huge scientific development and was ranked among top universities nationally and internationally.   

علي حسن كريم

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