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university of Babylon considers implementing joint cooperation Huddersfield university

Published Date : 14/12/2016
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Chaired by professor Adil Hadi Albaghdady, in the presence of the vice chancellors of the university of Babylon, manager of missions and deans of colleges, University of Babylon considers the implementation of the joint cooperation agreement with the representative of Huddersfield university  

Professor Albaghdady explained that considering the implementation of this cooperation agreement is one of the university s projects for international scientific cooperation. This agreement was put into consideration after the noticeable success in the world university classification on both national and international levels.         world university classification on both national and international levels.




Professor Albaghdady explained that university of Babylon was proactive in the field of modern technologies, infrastructure and human resources. The university is open to everyone and continuously updates its organizational structure. The noticeable achievements of the university of Babylon stimulates the international universities such as  Northampton,  Leipzig, Leicester and Huddersfield to seal joint cooperation with the university. 

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