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A delegation of specialized engineering cadre visited the university of Babylon

Published Date : 13/12/2016
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A delegation of  specialized engineering cadre  visited the university of Babylon as a representative for Shubar company for limited trade. The company is specialized in the means of protecting cards, documents and smart IDs  from forgery. The company is also specialized in designing smart security systems  that are world famous.    

Vice chancellor of scientific affairs professor Qahtan Hadi Aljubury along with the manager assistant of  quality assurance department   met with the cadre of the company and discussed the means of cooperation and the latest  techniques of the companysuch as      

        - Microtext computer generated hilogram
        - 2D/3D effect
        - Multicolor effect
        - Dynamic effect
        - Secure Pro
        - MicroPattern
        - 90Degree Filter Image
       - Imternational Error Microtext
       - Minitext

بقلم / سما ابراهيم