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The latest updates from colleges sites

View latest updates news network Babylon University and published by the administrative cadres in the various web sites, you can visit the service center and access to all electronic services that we offer to visitors in order to keep them abreast of continuously through electronic bulletin service notifications mailing or services automatic feeding RSS

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Media coverage of the administrative department - the presidency of the university

The news below list contains the latest news and media updates published by the administrative section of the network, the Mr. Amir Almchaakhi - Administrative Informatics Division editing and publishing all the news management at the University of Babylon

RSS subscriptions in the retrofit channels

You can stay in touch complete with all the updates network Babylon University electronic and various colleges through subscription channels feeding our own, in order to begin to receive updates news for us just follow the link below to either know the details of this service and how they work and what you need you can visit the Faculty of Information Technologyread more Browse this link within the overall website