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This interface will allow you to participate with us through give Raúak about the services provided by the network of the University of Babylon through the electronic network on the Internet, we'll add your comments, even if they do not agree with our views. But before added to be seen by Musharraf network to make sure that all the comments received in line with the policies of the use of the network. Information requested below is used only to inform readers about the owners Comments do not ask you to enter any personal or confidential information.
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Use policies developed in order to coordinate the work of the network and maintain the level of scientific and practical manner Academy aims to humanitarian exchange of knowledge and sharing between different shades of users and the network of students, professors and alumni and even friends with other universities. It is not developed to make the opinion of management of the network is the prevailing view that you think that any of your comments or نقاشاتك not be displayed or touched upon please write to us at our addresses or mailing interaction within the network pages University of Electronic Babylon ... Designer