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Listen to the official anthem of the University of Babylon on the university network, to make this anthem present in all university occasions as the dating concerts for new students and graduation ceremonies. You can listen to the anthem through the operator of Babylon University network or you can directly download the file from the link shown below

  • Welcome to science in the dew land
  • country thinking and a parlor of prophets
  • tower knowledge remained people love
  • darkness of ignorance by light passed away
  • Babil  carried  on  the  banner of  science
  • & walked upwards to the full extent
  • It is a university chanting honor
  • What a harbor it is for students
  • Getting fathom of science their intelligence
  • Changing to the good of it
  • The light of Babil beamed on the right path
Uobabylon Official Song Details
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  • letter became the weapon of its pious
  • Scientists established its pillars
  • Astronomers became its pilots
  • In it, there are departments that will
  • Radiate when death will descend
  • roaming, it transcended immortality
  • O Iraq, goodness we covenant
  • By science to live up the nooks of the world
  • fill the horizon with cordiality and happiness
  • We are the voice and others are the echo
  • We will go on upwards towards haughtiness

Anthem of the University of Babylon

Authored\Asst.Prof.Mohamed Shaker Al-Rubaie,PhD.

Composer\the artist Mohamed Armeed

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