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About the central website of the University of Babylon

This site represents a public official website for the university electronic fa├žade, administered under the supervision of the Computer Center at the University of Babylon; the center oversees the maintenance operations in collaboration with the network designer.

All pages of the central site are often carrying a link as the following formula::, or

There are some points that need to be clarified for you, when you b are browsing among the various university websites you will find that the method of browsing and the style of the websites vary from one site to another and there is no single template for all sites.

The University of Babylon consists of twenty colleges and more than ten administrative departments, which are working online through the Internet, such as the site of the Quality Assurance and University Performance, the site of the dormitories and the sites of many other sites. Each of these web sites is independent by itself. The responsibility of managing of their informatics operations rests up whoever represents the site and all the maintenance operations will be carried out under the supervision of that district or the administrative Department

The URLs of the university institutions and administrative departments are always as follows:: or just such as

The networking integrative design for the electronic network of the UOB

The central web for the University is designed to correspond with the requirements of the W3C. For more information, please see the statement of the informational access for this site, which is a separate document explaining the standard access to the Web sites.

The network of the University of Babylon sometimes uses the search engine of Google Company to fetch information that can be browsed by inserting the keywords in the box at the top of each page of the site. In the next few days, we shall provide a small search engine that can search through the Intranet pages of the university, which depends on the real Internet address in many searches. In addition, the network may use Google Maps. Google

If you would like to communicate with one of the webmaster or the administrators of the web sites to send a comment or a question, please note that we have many Webmasters; therefore, make sure you click on the appropriate link to send your comment or your query to the appropriate Webmaster.

Mr. Hassan Halim Al-Raheema designs all the applications and web sites of Babylon University, in collaboration with the university staff from various departments and colleges to provide him with logistic information including images, textual passages, and the network management of the University of Babylon. To ensure the quality of work of the network quite efficiently, the following types of computers and browsers are suggested:

Camels Macintosh Computers - Firefox 3 and Safari 3
Computers windows Firefox 3, IE 7, Google Chrome 1, Opera 9