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university goals and mission


Goals and vision of the future and academic perspectives at UOB

We look forward towards a global university in 2020 through the communication of knowledge and integration in the curriculum and sobriety in the structure and competition in the development and sharing of environmental protection, within the framework of cultural and ethical values , which dominates the society بأجياله current and future , and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals of the twenty-first century . [see UNU Strategic Plan , aimed at Babylon University to be a leader in consolidating and entrenching corporate culture emanating from the University's vision and mission and to be a leader in the creation of the university environment that meets the aspirations of the students in the country and Arab students , foreigners and enhance student activities and live up the level of thinking students academically and morally and behaviorally and be a pioneer in terms of adoption and the development of standards to measure the level of scientific and applied for university students through the achievement of accreditation standards World universities in all programs and academic fields . should get university accreditation of international quality of education and to seek the status of a prestigious among universities in the world . also should investigate the University of Babylon leadership to focus on the disciplines and skills required for graduates by connecting undergraduate and graduate quantity and quality requirements and the needs of the labor market, including increasing the competitiveness them and excellence in research programs that operate on the development of participation and cooperation with institutions and educational centers and research institutions of society at the local level and international level, in order to achieve the stated objectives to be the university to earn the confidence of the community and its institutions present and future and move to a new level of effective contribution in the efforts to protect the environment and sustainability locally and internationally. should be a university leader in terms of the optimal investment of resources and capabilities by doubling the tunnels on scientific research projects basic and applied , especially those that keep pace with scientific and technological developments and contribute to encourage creativity , innovation and excellence , as well as increased revenue and cost control in all areas and achieve full self - reliance either the mission of the university is composed of axles listed below :

  • Leadership in the service of society through excellence , scientific and cultural research.
  • Graduation scientific cadres qualified to meet the requirements and needs labor market and able to compete locally and internationally.
  • Provide students with modern knowledge assets and advanced scientific research methods , and high values
  • The development of the student 's personality as to be able to innovate and challenge , leadership and self-learning and teamwork
  • Curriculum development & updated in light of contemporary trends and subject to periodic assessment in accordance with the standards.
  • Achieve excellence in the field of education & scientific research on local & international levels & consolidate the role of the university
         towards the upgrade of the theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Contribute actively in the efforts to protect the environment and sustainability both locally and internationally.
  • provide & enhance infrastructure requirements at UOB.Develop the capacity & resources of scientific & research & management at UOB.
  • Strengthen the disciplines that are characterized by colleges and university centers and numbers for future disciplines .
  • Strengthen research centers to provide advisory services to institutions and contribute to society in solving problems and providing
        insights in the domestic and international issues.
  • The development of the student's personality as to be able to innovate and challenge, leadership and self-learning and teamwork
  • Interest in continuing education for various segments of society and the development of methods.
  • Strengthen cooperation between University & other universities & scientific research centers and community on both the local and
       international levels.