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Communicating with colleges
You can also communicate with the managers of the sites of the colleges of Babylon University through the list apparent below. We will respond to your inquiries and complaints as soon as possible.

A citizen is considered the most important figure the University of Babylon aims at through electronic communication system. Because electronic communication is the easiest way to collect the views, inquiries and complaints of the citizens, it was necessary to provide a wide range of ways through which the citizen can [Customers] contact the relevant departments of the university. The websites of the colleges and centers of Babylon University have home pages that allow the citizen to submit his/her queries through informative application of Babylon center for information services. You can see this link as an example on how to communicate with the departments of the colleges at the University of Babylon .

To enhance the effectiveness of communication with the departments of the university in the complex of Babylon University presidency, a citizen can contact the office of the citizens’ affairs. The Citizens’ Affairs Unit seeks to enhance communication between costumers and the departments of our university to overcome the difficulties that they may encounter during their visit in order to accomplish their transactions within a limited time, as well as to contact and communicate with the state other institutions. This administrative unit, which concerns with the citizens’ affairs, aims at receiving the citizens, listening to their complaints, guiding to review the relevant department, receiving the requests of the citizens for a statement of view to prepare a report to be displayed before the eyes of the President of the university or the relevant college and department. In addition to the direct supervision of the organization on the private interviews with the President of the university interviews, the Citizens’ Affairs Unit introduces the requests of the citizens on the Web site to speed up the answer, search for specific information, and to inform them of the adopted action related to their request. The Unit also informs the citizen about the action taken in connection to his request or complaint by phone or e-mail, and talks to the colleges and departments affiliated to the presidency of the university with regard to the request of the citizen or the statement of view about it. It publishes the actions taken in connection to the requests of citizens on the website of the University (Page of Citizens’ Affairs). This unit also receives the citizens' requests by e-mail that is related to the citizens’ affairs and answers their requests either by transmitting them to the concerned authority or by lifting them to the official masters. Finally, citizens’ Affairs Unit is interested in the opinion poll of the citizens (auditors) and find out their proposals that are related to the work of the University.


  • Write clearly the request, taking into account selecting a specific subject and address to the request.
  • Write the full name, workplace, and the telephone number of the sender so that we can answer. Unlike the points mentioned above, any request without explicit name or address will be neglected.
  • Unlike the above-mentioned points are neglecting any request without explicit name and address.
  • Requests that are offensive to civility and morals, which are incompatible with Islamic values, will be ignore.
  • Do not download attachments (except those that are sent by e-mail).

Citizens’ Affairs and Auditors
                Present your demand to the postal address of the citizens’ Affairs Unit
                The geographical location of the University of Babylon: Babylon. Hilla / Najaf
                Telephone : 07601006265 - please us contact during the official working hours
                The manager of the citizens’ Affairs Unit : Baha Ibrahim Khalil - the presidency of
                 the University of Babylon