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Electronic archiving websites for the UOB web websites

Represents the electronic archiving one of the basic concepts that can not be ignored through the provision of electronic services dynamic change daily , and because the network of the University of Babylon its various sites supports dynamic added to the contents of lectures and notices and news updates media , academic articles and many other electronic publications . So it has to be kept in historical sequence per what was published instead of deleting it . Some content may be unimportant for the browser at the present time , but may have been important for another browser has made ​​a reference to this content through email or search through an electronic article on one of the sites of Arab or foreign .

To delete the contents marked by other websites may result in the lack of reliability of what is published on the University of Babylon, we decided to save archiving electronic files are available online on other servers to keep the sources available on the server core network of the University of Babylon.For those interested can start surfing the electronic archiving of websites through the list below:

Medical College   Medical College
College of Dentistry   College of Dentistry
College of Engineering   College of Engineering
College of Materials Engineering   College of Materials Engineering
Faculty of Pharmacy   Faculty of Pharmacy
College of Information Technology   College of Information Technology
College of Sciences   College of Sciences
College girls Sciences   College girls Sciences
College of Law   College of Law
College of Arts   College of Arts
College of Business and Economics   College of Business and Economics
College Basic Education   College Basic Education
College of Fine Arts   College of Fine Arts
College of Physical Education   College of Physical Education
College of Nursing   College of Nursing
College of Quran Studies   College of Quran Studies
College of Education Humanities   College of Education Humanities
College of Education Pure Sciences   College of Education Pure Sciences

Phenomenon in red links redirect your browser to the official site of the current College link phenomenon green lead you directly to the website of archiving your college - note that this network is still under development