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Faculty of Dentistry Holds Seminar Promoting Concept of Terrorism Combat

Published Date : 10/01/2019
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The College of Dentistry held an awareness seminar on combating terrorism, in cooperation with the Department of Supervision and Follow-up alongside the Intelligence Department of Babylon, attended by the dean of the college Dr. Mehdi Ya’akoob Kzar, the dean assistant for administrative affairs Dr. Ayman Hameed Araibi, the dean assistant for scientific affairs Dr. Lamia Abdul Khaliq as well as a number of faculty professors and students. 

The seminar included a lecture by Dr. Hawra’a Ahmed Shakir on the legal articles of the terrorism law and those who support it and its imminent harm to society. Furthermore, Captain Haider Abdul Jawad, the representative of the Intelligence Department, provided a full explanation of the work of the Department and its progress in this regard, as well as the faces of terrorism and the motives for committing it, explaining how to report suspected cases, which could succor security forces. He also touched on the need to educate young people so that they would circumvent the trap of enemies.