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The Geographical Location UOB,Supported By Google Maps
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Babylon University is located in the city of Hilla, the Iraqi Babil Province (90 km south of the Iraqi capital-Baghdad) and about 14 kilometers from the populated city center. There are plenty of parking in the city center, which provides transportation to and from the university. It is accessible to reach the University of Babylon through three main roads through Baghdad-Babil, Babil-Najaf, and Karbala-Babil. In order to guide visitors to the campus of the university, the network team has the introduced the longitude and latitude of the University relying on GPS of Google Maps; thus, you can follow the details concerning the roads through which to reach the university. In addition to the Guidance of Heuristic Info, we also provide descriptive details of the buildings of the campus, to enable the visitor to go directly to the intended destination. Values of the central latitude and longitude of the campus of the University of Babylon are 32.392754,44.398928.

Because the University of Babylon is not geo-centralized. You can follow the complex of medical colleges that are located in the heart of the city of Hilla, through the map listed below, or the visitor can find the heuristic Info on Google Maps through the use of the values of the longitude and latitude for the system GPS : 32.461398,44.415493